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CUBA, Bolivia, Navajo Nation, Savaii, SudAfrica the IndigenousAncestral people

Organoponico NEEM

Organoponico NEEM

NEEM is a FSA USDA “not for profit” farm leading “cause related” delegations to Cuba since 2002. As a business consultant we provide clients with immediate market entry, high level relations, trust gained in Cuba over 20 years, pre-investment platform and 24/7 representation. Consulting


Architects, Engineers, Preservationist May. 13th – 21st

Agroecology & Permaculture May 26th– June 3rd

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“I saw a country which by necessity, is leading the world in sustainable agriculture in reducing off farm inputs of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers and maximizing the use of forages. Soon after the year 2000, I predict that more and more countries will follow the lead of Cuba in sustainable agriculture. We can learn from each other.” 1985 & 1995 MEEnsminger

Neem, the tree of a thousand and one uses, the village pharmacy; a natural solution to global problems. Neem is a tree and the inspiration to NEEM as an organization which applies Agroecological philosophy in sustainable community development. Environmental activism roots began in 1974 in Mystic, CT. with Pete Seegar, the Clearwater, Citation Society and Greenpeace in the environmentally historic meeting that saved Greenpeace. Originally founded as Natural Environmental Ecological Management an activist organization  in 1996. We formalized as a non profit in 2009; with a reorganization in 2014 under the acronym NEEM or the legacy organization that we are today. We promote and consult globally on Agroecological Development with the farm as the fulcrum. We facilitate urban and rural agroecological projects for the Indigenous and Ancestral people that are culturally driven, off grid, NET Zero, self sustaining & facilitate process through foreign knowledge exchange programs from NEEM. Organoponico NEEM is a 11.2 acre FSA USDA Agroecological urban farm #2995 in Durham, North Carolina. We consult businesses and agribusinesses on all things Cuba. Doors in Cuba normally closed we can open. We also have one thing that you must earn in Cuba; trust. A trust that developed out of mutual respect in the shared struggle to effect positive change resulting in the recent and historic normalization of relations.

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Organoponico NEEM sustainably produces for those socioeconomically excluded from organic. These are Agroecological approaches to “Sustainable Food Security” and self reliant community. We promote urban sustainable agriculture as an honorable profession and local as the the inextricable link to nature, health, nutrition and environment. NEEM replicates the Cuban model. We promote the cooperative model because it works. These collaborative fulcrums leverage the bottom up development of sustainable community that will succeed. A farm is an engineering project. We use state of the art infrastructural software. Guided by agroecological principals Organoponico NEEM incorporates neem cake, neem oil, Bull City bio-char, compost and vermi-compost and green manures like azola or biological controls such as Tricaderma in the soil biology and pest management regimens.  We consult on scale neem projects that incorporate Rain Water Harvesting and promote off grid closed loop diverse systems. An Agroeco-community approach for one farm, a cooperative or self sustaining Eco Pueblos.



SOLEDAD and CUBA Fund created by NEEMs founder for preservation of  Soledad and historic Estates in Cuba with U.S. history. The Soledad “cane” plantation became the Atkins Arboretum that Dr. Atkins used for tropical research before transfer as an Alum to the Harvard Botanical Gardens. The gardens were abandoned in 1961 like many U.S. affiliated properties and now referred to as the Soledad Botanical Gardens. These histories and collaborative work performed should be preserved. The Soledad Fund will preserve and digitize the Cuba/Atkins/Harvard research papers/history and promote preservation of the property with its significant historic ties to the U.S. It will serve as a destination facility for research in Tropical, Agroecological and environmental study for development of Cuba-U.S. Environmental Policy through knowledge exchange. SOLEDAD; A legacy project looking to our mutual futures.


Eco Pueblos

Eco Pueblo a back to the land agroecological cooperative community where competitiveness and production is replaced by unity. Locations for development of Eco Pueblos: 16 acres, Durham, NC, USA; 75 hectares in Sacaba, Bolivia, 1500 hectares, Villa Tunari, Cochabamba; 8 Villages RuLIV SudAfrica, 2000 hectares Savaii (Samoa); negotiations on 97 hectares at Soledad, Cienfuegos and Perico, Matanzas, Cuba. Eco Pueblos utilizes cultural attributes specific to the community and culture leveraging diverse systems under agroecological philosophies in a bottom up approach through the multinational cooperative. 3 Continents, the pacific and Caribbean.

NEEM seeks to effect positive change, promote the numerous uses of “Neem Tree” by-products, and the philosophy of Agroecology as catalyst to understanding natural methods in the urban and rural environment. The existence of neem says to us that there are effective natural answers that new irreversible technology is dangerous (GMO) and a threat to the food chain. NEEM says no to Monsanto and groups that support disruption of nature and people through introduction of unnatural systems designed to profit off of people rather than people profit from the earth. JAE. Founder NEEM, A Wandering Feast, the SOLEDAD Preservation Fund for development of Cuba-U.S. Environmental Policy & signatory for Sacaba, Bolivia Eco Pueblos project.

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NEEM is a start up 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation with methods of operation that have the purpose of affecting public/private sector policies that impact human health, the environment, and community through promotion of sustainable urban development (Eco Pueblos™), education in Agroecological philosophies, with effective,  biological alternatives to inputs and the farm as the fulcrum to self sustaining closed loop off grid community.


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