SwissChardNEEM promotes Agroecology as a philosophy and fulcrum to Sustainable Community Development. Organoponico NEEM is a 11.2 acre Agroecological FSA farm number 2995 in Durham, North Carolina. The first and the largest Farm Services Agency USDA registered sustainable urban farm in NC  and the United States. We derive philosophy from Agroecology with neem as an example  of effective biological alternatives. Neem, Neem Tree by-products represent an solution to global problems and have been a path to change by NEEM in the sustainable movement since 1996. They represent natural, environmental, and ecological examples of what is, and how we can yield positive results agroecologically. “Sustainable” the ultimate buzz word today and its concepts a guiding principle at NEEM as an organization for 16+ years; and for the Founder as an environmentalist and activist since 1974!

We work in Urban & Rural Farm sectors and leverage community using Neem as an example of biological alternatives. We focus on soil biology, water, environment, ecology, alternative energy,  breaking socioeconomic barriers, “greening” low income areas where help is needed most. We promote by example the self sustaining community. Our Urban Farm, Organoponico NEEM, is Agroecological and addresses environment, ecology, food security, education, health, early onset diabetes, nutrition, obesity and breaking the fast food chain organically. NEEM replicates the Agroceological Cuban Model in partnerships with Dr. Funes, ACTAF, Richard Wilson and FANJ in Cuba.

Our neem use methodologies are unique with on going field trials on new applications by Founder; Jeff Ensminger. We use it as one anchor to improve our health, planet and its ecosystems. The organization will inform, educate, assist and create sustainable economies in local, regional, national and international markets. NEEM will consult in all phases to foster the awareness of Neem tree by products as an example to Biological alternatives that perpetuate healthy environment and Agroecological growth improving; health and economies in a sustainable way.

We accelerate neem research and product development, deliver health tools to people who need them, and build resources and political commitment for global health using existing natural and renewable resources. Neem oil & cake is EPA and USDA approved as a biological agricultural input. Neem is also approved for  home health care products.

Infrastructure for procurement of Neem and promotion of Agroecological concepts is in place until production in the Pacific ensues. Our source for Neem tree’s and Neem by-products is from producer’s under Fair Trade conditions; expeller pressed, cold water, no solvents. All relationships in the United States & globally are in place. NEEM works with Internationally known environmentalist, all luminaries in the Agroecological and sustainable market. We are honored to have these relationships.

“Trade” relations and Associations are established in major production areas in India, Sub Sahara Africa, the Caribbean, Central America, Australia, Hawaii and the Pacific.

076NEEM continues to move forward on the new U.S. based cooperative UBPC (Unified Basic Production Cooperative); a marriage of the Cuban coop system and the French “Appellation de Controlle” models. Active projects are in the United States, Cuba, Africa, SudAfrica, the Navajo Nation, Hawaii and Samoa or where NEEM works cooperatively with community. NEEM will seek, through a general fund, to assist in provision of extraction equipment and infrastructure required by a rural or urban farm (Organoponicos) for neem and edible oil extraction. NEEM supports creation of an off grid, closed loop self sustaining systems. We consult on sustainable community development possibilities in economically distressed areas (countries) where Neem trees grow but underutilized. Creating new markets ensures additional supply and promotes self-reliance. Economic stimulus is created where it is desperately needed while enhancing our own ecological profile.

Neem grows on the equatorial belt and is not indigenous to, or suitable too, grow in the United States except a very small area in Florida or at the new project “NEEM Hawaii’s/NEEM Samoa’s. We focus where Neem is prolific and field trials have proven highest quality. In so doing, we support sustainable economic growth. Outsourcing is not a bad thing when there is no viable alternative.

While others talk about Peak Oil, NEEM talks about Peak Water. Aquifer management and re-charge is paramount.


NEEM is a not-for-profit activist corporation with methods of operation that have the purpose of affecting public/private sector policies that impact human health, the environment, community and sustainability through promotion and education of effective, naturally occurring biological alternatives.

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