NEEM replicates the Cuban model of sustainable agriculture. NEEM promotes sustainable-community development. We embrace food security and environmental health through self-sufficiency and an agroecological understanding. We stand against corporate actions that profit from the disruption and manipulation of nature and people.

a Neem Tree

The Agroecological urban farm is a fulcrum to sustainable community. Organoponico NEEM like other urban farms can be the economic development basis. We work bottom up, develop buy in, get top down support in the most challenging communities.

We take our lead from the neem tree, a central source of  crop treatments and natural medicines; a biological alternative. Like these iconic resources, NEEM seeks to establish agroecological projects that center and unite a community. They range from urban farm/school/Community garden to rural systems modeled after Cuban organoponicos and the philosophy of Agroecology. The organization creates availability of sustainable production to those socioeconomically excluded with no negative impact to the ecosystem. NEEM operates “Organoponico NEEM” locally and provides support on development nationally and internationally of Agroecological infrastructures required to support sustainable concepts.

We promote the neem tree, an answer to global problems. NEEM informs, educates, assists and creates sustainable economies in local, regional, national and international markets. We consult on all phases of awareness of biological alternatives and agroecological concepts that perpetuate healthy ecological growth improving the environment, health and economies in a sustainable way.

Join us. Take action and help return your community to socially vibrant, ecologically sustainable resource centers, free from reliance on chemical inputs!

NEEM is a not-for-profit activist corporation with methods of operation that have the purpose of affecting public/private sector policies that impact human health, the environment, community and sustainability through promotion and education of effective, naturally occurring biological alternatives.

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