No one takes you to Cuba and provides this level of programming & access at these low prices. Roll with the Pros, roll with NEEM.

NEEM™ is a “Cause Related” NATGEO, Kodak American Greenway & Golden Leaf national award winning organization. A percentage of proceeds support NEEM Global Local programs in emerging communities. We are often with Dr. Fernando Funes, recipient of Right Livelihood Award. We have our own ground, Casa Particulars & meeting spot. We have fought for purposeful travel since 1996. Experience Cuba’s culture.  It’s a Round Trip to Cuba, and One Way to go; with NEEM.

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You’re invited to a once-in-a-lifetime experience; a NEEM Brigade in CUBA 

Che at Indio

Che at Indio

CUBA – October 14th – 22nd 2017 – Agroecology and Permaculture (credit certificate) Havana/Artemisa/Matanzas We will take you where you cannot ordinarily go. A Wandering Feast of the sustainably produced foods of Cuba and its AG Revolution. This is a People to People Exchange Tour for travelers, and an immersion in Agroecology, Permaculture, agricultural systems, social justice, policy and practice in Cuba, with unprecedented access to Cuban Agriculturist. Two days independent travel and 5 full days in depth ground. (You may arrive early and leave late for more time to explore and research) A sample are visits to Cachón, the orchard “El Chinito”, Cojímar, Sevillano” and “Los Pinos”, Matanzas, Jardines de Bellamar community project (permaculture), caving works in protected caves that can not be visited, some of our favorite “Agroecology at its best” farms and support network organizations in and around Havana. Includes 8 nights/nine days, our Casa Particulars, our ground, our central meeting point, all breakfast, airport transfers, venues, presentations, most lunches, classic celebration dinner (National dish buffet by A Wandering Feast at our central meeting spot), (RT air to Cuba not included), full itinerary, NEEM guide, translation, driver and no single supplement. Cost: $2600

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FF_AgroecoCUBA 4th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AGROECOLOGY  NOV. 18TH26TH  NEEM has attended & presented at this conference for years. “Agroecology at its best” Meet “leaders in the field”, farms and our network organizations (ANAP, Indio Hatuey, ACTAF, INIFAT, FANJ…) in and around Havana. Conference hotel, our Casas or mix; your choice) . The Cuban National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) and Via Campesina are organizing this event on the 20th anniversary of the arrival of ‘Campesino a Campesino’ in Cuba. Includes 8 nights/nine days Pricing Forthcoming from committee full itinerary and tours plus lodging in Havana. Pricing forthcoming will include conference

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December 29, 2017 – January 6th, 2018 – CUBA  Architects, Engineers, Preservationist,  professionals in  sustainable community – Agrodesarrollo Havana/Artemisa and surrounds. A cause related delegation with a percentage of proceeds going to

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1-1000ScaleModelThis delegation will investigate the architecture, historic preservation, adaptive re-use, and infrastructure development in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Old Havana, and at other locations around the island. We’ll utilize resources in Cuba that support the delegations and companies who are researching and developing relationships, strategies and solutions needed for the development of sustainable communities or Eco Pueblos in Cuba. Emphasis will be placed on the integration of the natural and built environments.

Delegates will explore the vernacular and introduced Architectural styles and construction practices in Cuba, which must be understood to effect authentic historic preservation and sustainable development. We will meet with representatives of Oficina del Historiador de la Ciudad de la Habana (OHCH), planners at the Group for the Integral Development of the Capitol (El Grupo), and faculty, staff and students at the Havana School of Architecture. Together, the delegation and these professionals will consider sustainable design concepts which honor and preserve the unique architecture of Cuba, and which respect the historical integrity of Cuba’s colonial and revolutionary past.

The group will explore the use of digital relationship-based software, operating on the Bentley Micro station platform, in the integration of architecture, civil engineering, water management, utilities and infrastructure design for sustainable community development.

 preservationoldhavanaProgram Highlights include:

Travel to and tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Old Havana

Interface with the OHCH (Office of the Historian of the City of Havana), planners at the Group for the Integral Development of the Capitol (El Grupo), and, through the OCHC, engagement with the Architecture faculty, staff and students from the Havana University of Technologies Jose Antonio Echevarria.

Excursion to and study of the renowned Instituto Superior de Arte (National Arts School), and its Architects, Ricardo Porro, Vittorio Garatti, and Roberto Gottardi.

Soledad Botanical Gardens in Cienfuegos. The Gardens were the Harvard Botanical Gardens, abandoned by the university after the Revolution in 1961. The Gardens present a significant preservation and sustainable community development opportunity.

Mid-level and professional architects, engineers, preservationists, ecologists and environmentalists are encouraged to attend.

This delegation’s travel Includes 8 nights/nine days, our Casa Particulars, our ground, our central meeting point, all breakfast, airport transfers, venues, presentations, most lunches, classic celebration dinner (National dish buffet by A Wandering Feast at our central meeting spot), (RT air to Cuba not included), full itinerary, NEEM guide, translation, driver and no single supplement. Cost: $2850 a $400 Deposit secures space now. Depsoit applies to invoice. AIA and professionals use 102116KJ trip code as notation with deposit, Digital Engineers use 102116DE (Early Bird discount 5% AIA and DE only ends September 1st)

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TiwanakuBolivia – January 23rd – 4th, 2018 – Eco Pueblos Delegation – Cochabamba, Sacaba & Villa Tunari, Bolivia This is a Knowledge Exchange delegation for travelers, and a hands on immersion in the 75 hectare Eco Pueblos project in Sacaba and the 1500 hectare Rain Forest Preservation project in Villa Tunari. Eco Pueblos is NET Zero sustainable community development under Agroecolgical philosophy utilizing best past Andean practices in hydrology, steppes, “Suko Kulos” etc. incorporated into high tech engineering design software. This includes cosmological alignments, Solstice and Indigenous/Ancestral/cultural design elements. An Eco Village in the third largest city in Bolivia and our favorite spot. Travel with Bolivian Senators, meet our Mejor in Sacaba and Team Sacaba working with us on this project proposal we made and is funded. Think Tesla, Solar City and dynamic participating organizations working on this project. We will go to Bolivia again, but not like this. A delegation that is historic we invite you to be a part of and will elevate ecological concepts in the process. Two days independent travel and 5 full days in depth ground. (You may arrive early and leave late if you stay for the AEB conference in Sucre). We will stay at Casa Particulars (in Bolivia referred to as home stays. These will all be centrally located and should carry a class credit from the university once approved. Includes 8 nights/nine days, Casa Particulars, ground, all breakfast, airport transfers, venues, presentations, most lunches, classic celebration dinner (National dish buffet by A Wandering Feast), (RT air not included), full itinerary, NEEM & Eco Pueblos guide, translation, driver and no single supplement.Pricing and full itinerary in process with some very exciting spots chosen with us by our Bolivian partners. estimated cost $2450.(There are U.S. and International delegates so all air you arrange is roughly $1100 + $80.00, for 5 year visa)

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SamoaSamoa – 2018 Date TBA soon – Delegates will be ground floor on establishing a neem tree plantation and a socioeconomic community beneficial Rain Forest preservation project on 2000 hectares in Savii. Hands on in paradise preservation.

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MI Arial

Spring 2018 – MONKEY ISLAND PRESERVATION FOUNDATION, Corolla, NC – Contributions for 2018 Demographic & feasibility study may be made below. Negotiation by NEEM is active to historically preserve Monkey Island both as a public agroecological environmental research facility & bird sanctuary with bottom up community production on the mainland, island and sustainable fishery. A self sustaining NEEM AgroEco & aquaculture historic conservation project in North Carolina with socioeconomic benefits to the county/community.

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NEEM Delegates are emerging economy travelers looking to experience the Cuban model & Cuban culture outside of generic tour and hotels. All Casas pass NEEMs muster, in walking distance to the central meeting point, Wi-Fi, near two banks, cheap stores for basics in a central location near main routes for ease of travel in Havana with a beach day beach house for changing. We travel our way with our Cuban partners under OFAC guidelines. Same in Bolivia, Samoa, SudAfrica or places where active programs are in play.

Food is Art

NEEM™ is a FSA USDA Sustainable Urban farm  #2995

See Past Delegations at: NOTE: 10 DELEGATION UPDATES NOT YET POSTED to pinterest

Program Information

We meet you in Havana. Please arrange round Trip to Havana from your point of departure. Cuban Visa & Insurance cost is included in the air you arrange. NEEM is the first to bring Americans to Cuba and stay at Casa Particulars but we “Hotel” if Casa’s not possible.

Price Includes: Itinerary, insurance, double Casa/hotel Our ground, accommodations, breakfast, most lunches, translation, transportation, program fees under general license unless otherwise specified and no dinners.  End of trip Celebration Dinner is arranged by NEEM and check split. Average trip costs is itinerary dependent but low. A nonrefundable $400 Deposit is required in advance to secure dates (applies to total) and accompanied by passport picture for visa.

NEEM is not responsible for Government policy that affect cost or itineraries.

How to Register: Please chose your date, call, leave a message, send your clear passport pic and make the $400 deposit  to insure space (highly recommended) due 60 days. Full payment is due no later than 60 & 45 days before departure. These terms are based on U.S. &  Cuban requirements. Payments by MasterCard, Discover or Visa are welcome. Credit payments are due earlier and your invoice will reflect the 3% fee we incur. It is important to get paperwork and commitments in on schedule to insure services. Cancellation minus the deposit is 100% at 60 days, 50% at 45 days and after 31 days no refund. All Refund request must be made in writing to the office.

Contact NEEM with any questions about the program or logistics at 919-683-1244 and follow instructions or e-mail: neem at (put CUBA in e-mail subject line).

Travel, visa and Insurance: by carrier (NEEM assists w/ General License and Visa)

Since 2001 delegates learned that the cooperative effort has results like dripping water that fills the pot. The “Peak Oil” group in 2003, NCSU and the NC Delegation, IX & X International Congress on Sustainable and Organic Agriculture; the South Africa/RULIVdelegation, IPC 11 Permaculture Convergence, Bolivia and Eco Pueblos are a few highlights. All delegations are different. No itineraries are the same. Travel with NEEM is truly a Cuban experience, enlightening and extraordinary?

“The key to Cuba is agriculture & food; it always has been”. JAE

growing localTESTIMONIALS:

“The trip to Cuba was an experience we’ll never forget. Thanks for the excellent job you did coordinating everything!”

“It was a pleasure traveling with you! We truly enjoyed ourselves. Being able to see a different side of Cuba was really amazing.”

“I had a great time, and learned so much. It was great to meet everyone and perfect experience”

“By the time we finished NEEMs delegation we were Cuba savvy. Your help and knowledge made our journey a complete success! Thanks for a creative concept it was uniquely perfect”

“We just wanted to thank NEEM for putting together this amazing experience”.

“I can’t conceive of a way in which our first visit to Cuba could have been better.”

“We’re truly grateful that NEEM is carrying out this important mission. It was an incredible journey”.

Watch video’s: Elizabeths NEEM Documentary at: (password: cuba 2013); Organoponico NEEM Burt’s Bees Culture Day – in Durham AND A Wandering Feast Seed to Plate


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CONSULTING: AGRICULTURAL – HOSPITALITY – CULINARY ARTS – SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURE – COOPERATIVES – GENERAL We maintain constant information updates and provide a Washington and Havana presence. Customers have immediate provision of 20 years of relations, trust and partners we have that take time & money to develop. Doors normally closed are open. Improve investment return in a sustainable way with full service 24/7  top level Cuban representation. The “Cause Relation” is a tax relief benefit to AgroEco development. Private Charter: add $2000 & subject to point of origin Contact               

WHAT WOULD YOU LEARN? That two peoples with one passion are separated only by distance and politics. That using Agroecological methods is possible on a country level in Cuba then it is also possible on a State level. Our community’s notion of local as best is strengthened, the small system works, is less susceptible to problems, and Agroecologically sound.

NEEM is a start up 501(c)3 (pending) non-profit corporation with methods of operation that have the purpose of affecting public/private sector policies that impact human health, the environment, community and sustainability through promotion and education of effective, naturally occurring biological alternatives.

To request permission to use any material from this site submit your request via e-mail to the Copyright Clearance Center Inc. at cc Intellectual property of the corporation, it’s marks, licenses and documents is fully protected by copyright and trademark law, licensed and fully enforced by our intellectual property law firm.™