Restored relations open opportunity for collaboration on issues of mutual interest like immigration, environment & trade. We congratulate fellow activists, diplomats & policymakers who made the difference.

No one takes you to Cuba and provides this level of programming, access and flexibility. Roll with the Pros, roll with NEEM.


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You’re invited to a once-in-a-lifetime experience; a NEEM Brigade in CUBA! 

NEEM™ is a “Cause Related” organization. A percentage of proceeds support programs for those socioeconomically excluded from organic. We are often with Dr. Fernando Funes, President of GAO, recipient of Right Livelihood Award. We stay at Casa Particulars (the 1st American organization to do so) or our favorite hotels where you don’t have to chase money or transportation. Experience Cuban culture.  It’s a Round Trip to Cuba, and One Way to go; with NEEM

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CONSULTING & AGRICULTURAL Normalization of Cuba and U.S. relations will bring slow changes to both countries laws – we keep you up to date as information is developed and change occurs. We provide a Washington and Havana presence with immediate provision of relations and trust that take time & money to build. Open doors now not a year from now. Improve return and brand position in a sustainable way with full service 24/7  top level representation. Private Charter is available Contact                                           


Sacaba plano ecopueblo 150x120 CUBA GO!U.S.CUBA – BOLIVIA – NEEM Agro Eco Pueblo delegation

DECEMBER 11th – DECEMBER 19th 2015  Havana – Trinidad – Cienfuegos – Matanzas – Havana and Artemisa – Agroecology, Sustainable community and Eco Pueblos multinational delegation. NEEM is pleased to convene delegates from the U.S., Cuba and Bolivia on Agro Eco Pueblo and self sustaining community. NEEM entered into an agreement in Sacaba, Bolivia for the purpose of creating 3 Eco Pueblos and the multinational cooperative. We are meeting in Cuba to finalize the collaborative and secure the three knowledge exchange projects that contribute to the global community.

2016 ♫

NEEM™ announces the 1st annual




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CUBA is San Joaquin Valley East – Display and position brand, meet producers, connect with buyers/sellers, tour production facilities, coops, contract (producers/processors, farms, supply line, broker/distribution). Farmer to farmer, Professional to professional!

We have been talking about this since Aneheim 96; This is the moment! Don’t Panic – its Organic & “Cause related”!

What is the Cause Relation? a percentage of proceeds goes to NEEM programs, to Eco Pueblos capitol fund & Gold Sponsors preferred non profit for the greater good. Marketing with a purpose.

Your Company/Your Brand – Cubans love American Brands. Cuba is country level sustainable production w/a Non GMO policy we support. lets insure brands are natural, promote the Cuban Agroecological model and your corporate sustainability profile.

Full Service Consulting – NEEM Team/Bahama-Meridian ITL LOI/FCO/S&P/POP/BL – leave w/contract, brand position & sources

Participant, Exhibitor & Press – A $400 Deposit secures space now. Important: Advance required with a “freeze sell” through June 2016. (Deposit secures air/lodging applies to balance)

Preregistration: Deposit Early Bird 5% Attendee/press December 31st Sponsor Registration: now – July 31st cut off with full pay at contract. Gold Sponsor: now – March 30th full pay at contract.

Sponsorship venue floor plan/layout & programs available soon. Sponsorhip Options: Cafe Cubano (2), Paladar (3), Coop (2), Open Market (1), Organoponico (2), A Wandering Feast dinner at Alamar/Obama Steps – in the field (Gold 1), Naturalization of relations negotiating space (1 Gold), Folklorica Teatro Lenin (1). Receptions: Nacional/Malecon (1)/Habana Libre (1)/La Fontaine Paladar (1),  Lennon Park (2), Casa Particular (6). Booth/display, composting stations (1), Cuba Art OG bag/hat & T-shirts (1 ea./logo), CD Cubano (1), floor placement, Stage/screens, presentations, entertainment, am Cafe Espresso, pm Mojito (2 PABEXPO), OG Block Print Gifts & Bag. WiFi, meeting rooms buyer/seller placement (see consulting).

Product shipment – drayage and storage available on site

Guest speakers, production facilities itinerary, sites, presentations & meetings. PABEXPO – venue of 2002 U.S. Cuba AG Expo.


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Mr. Ensminger: Consultant, Executive Chef of A Wandering Feast, Founder of NEEM, Principal Creative Construction Co., and ex CEO of Bahama Organics dba Bahama-Meridian ITL in Durham, North Carolina is a long standing member of the Organic Trade Association. He introduced the 1st 100% certified organic GMO free award winning condiment line in the U.S., UK & EU (Oregon Tilth/Soil Association/UK4) in 1997. As a activist in Cuba AG since 1996 he has worked to end the embargo and establish bi-lateral trade for the natural products industry. Over 20 years in Cuba, trust developed and MOUs secured with the best NGOs and founders of the Agroecological movement Cuba including dinner with the President. Delegations on agroecology, sustainable production, environment & community have been led to Cuba since 2002. Bahama OG was the only natural products company represented at the historic 2002 PABEXPO U.S. Cuba AG EXPO for 1st sales to Cuba by American companies since 1959. His work in Washington/Havana on the naturalization process since 1996 as a member of LAWG, WOLA & working bi-annually with Congressional leaders on all things Cuba made a difference.

COOL Sesame Ginger4 10 00final 150x45 CUBA GO!Newhope360 – Bahama Organics Inc. the first 100% Certified Organic GMO Free line under the NOT COOL® mark receives registered trademark on COOL®. NOT COOL® Pepper Sauces and COOL® “Condiments with a conscience”

“The key to Cuba is agriculture & food; it always has been”. JAE

neem growinglocal 150x17 CUBA GO!TESTIMONIALS:

“By the time we finished NEEMs delegation we were Cuba savvy. Your help and knowledge made our journey a complete success! Thanks for a creative concept it was uniquely perfect”

“We just wanted to thank NEEM for putting together this amazing experience. I can’t conceive of a way in which our first visit to Cuba could have been better.”

“We’re truly grateful that NEEM is carrying out this important mission. It was an incredible journey”.

BOLIVIA NEEM to Bolivia ending with agreement for Sacaba Eco Pueblos.

CONGRESS It has been an incredible journey with you – end the embargo! Working the Hill is an art form. We the dripping water that filled the pot on Cuba for 20+ years! We can celebrate when its over but for NOW, not yet. The end of the embargo is a freight train that can’t be stopped. As the President said; “its the right thing to do”.

Deposit at SQUARE add 2.75% it’s immediate, inventoried and secures space.

See Past Delegations at: 

109 150x112 CUBA GO!Program Information

We meet you in Havana. Round Trip Miami/Havana/Miami w/Cuban Visa & Insurance cost about about $500 and not included. NEEM is the first to bring Americans to Cuba and stay at Casa Particulars but we “Hotel” if Casa’s not possible. Both come w/Breakfast, some Lunches and no dinners. End of trip Celebration Dinner is arranged by NEEM and check split by all attendants. Average trip costs is itinerary dependent but low compared to most. A nonrefundable $400 Deposit is required to secure dates (applies to total). Rates vary with lodging, itinerary and ground.  All final documents and payments are due 60/45 days before departure. Your commitment insures space.

Price Includes: Itinerary, Cuban visa, insurance, double Casa/hotel accommodations, Breakfast, some lunches, translation, transportation, and program fees under general license. Cost: Listed above is double occupancy. Single occupancy supplement applies & varies per accommodation. If a double is not gender or count available the supplement applies. NEEM is not responsible for Government policy that affect cost or itineraries.

How to Register: Please chose your date, call, leave a message, send your clear passport pic and make the deposit of $400  to insure space (highly recommended). Final payment is due no later than 45 days before departure. These terms are based on U.S. &  Cuban requirements. Payments by MasterCard, Discover or Visa are welcome but you must add the fee. It is important to get paperwork and commitments in on schedule to insure services. Cancellation minus the deposit is 100% at 60 days, 50% at 45 and after 30 days no refund. All Refund request must be made in writing to the office.

Contact NEEM with any questions about the program or logistics at 919-683-1244 and follow instructions or e-mail: neem at (put CUBA in e-mail subject line).

Travel, visa and Insurance: by carrier and NEEM  (Insurance is Cuban health Insurance)

Since 2003 delegates learned that the cooperative effort has results like dripping water that fills the pot. The “Peak Oil” group in 2003, NCSU and the NC Delegation, IX & X International Congress on Sustainable and Organic Agriculture; the South Africa/RULIVdelegation, IPC 11 Permaculture Convergence, Bolivia and Eco Pueblos are a few highlights. All delegations are different. No itineraries are the same. Travel with NEEM is truly a Cuban experience, enlightening and extraordinary?

Watch video’s: Elizabeths NEEM Documentary – (password: cuba 2013), Organoponico NEEM A Wandering Feast or, Culture Day – 3 farms in Durham

WHAT WOULD YOU LEARN? That two peoples with one passion are separated only by distance and politics. That using Agroecological methods is possible on a country level in Cuba then it is also possible on a State level. Our community’s notion of local as best is strengthened and that the small local system works, less susceptible to problems, and Agroecologically sound.

NEEM is a start up 501(c)3 (pending) non-profit corporation with methods of operation that have the purpose of affecting public/private sector policies that impact human health, the environment, community and sustainability through promotion and education of effective, naturally occurring biological alternatives.

To request permission to use any material from this site submit your request via e-mail to the Copyright Clearance Center Inc. at cc Intellectual property of the corporation, it’s marks, licenses and documents is fully protected by copyright and trademark law, licensed and fully enforced by our intellectual property law firm.™