Natural Environmental Ecological Management (NEEM) People to People Exchange OFAC license No. CT-2012-292919-1 for CUBA BRIGADE DATES, consulting and specially tailored delegation’s) [click here for more information]


Previous Press/Awards Releases

JANUARY 5th, 2016 – multinational cooperative results in 75 hectares in Sacaba, Bolivia which leveraged Bolivian Senate support and resulted in $100 M committed investment in public/private funding for Eco Pueblos – Cuba commits 277 hectares in Matanzas with document in process for signing.The land in Durham is committed completing the coop. NEEM refers to this as intellectual product developed while in Bolivia and the multinational concept born from the Bolivian document with NEEM as a signed and sealed signatory.

DECEMBER 8th 2015 – NEEM-Bolivia-Cuba Eco Pueblo delegation to Cuba from the USA and Bolivia with high level diplomats from Bolivia to pursue multinational cooperative developed n July in Sacaba.

JULY 8th, 2015 Bolivia – NEEM applied and received a Partners of the Americas grant award through NC CBBA. The mission resulted in development and signing of a sustainable community development plan or, Eco Pueblos for Sacaba Municipality, Cochabamba, Bolivia. NEEM doing what NEEM does best. NEEM is a Bolivia Studies Association and  Partners of Americas member bringing development professionals to the table using agroecological philosophy.

MARCH 12th,2013UBPC NEEM Hawaii’s is a bottom up group on 4, 400 acres with philanthropy in Hawaii where we will grow neem trees in a diversified agroforestry and specialty indigenous crops project. Cacao, Vetiver, Moringa, Jatropha, Ginger, coffee and taro will be grown in “linear fields” to compliment the developable areas – a win-win for the land and NEEM Hawaii. UBPC NEEM Hawaii will operate autonomously under the NEEM umbrella in a cooperative. Focus remains indigenous people and challenged communities.

MARCH 10th, 2013NEEM announces 2013 NEEM Team; people from or living in the community and on the farm. Our two community outreach coordinators will increase NEEM as a brand in the community & strengthen immediate community participation in the cooperative. Living in community makes us one with it rather than an outside entity.

MARCH 5th, 2013 – NEEM in Aquaculture and Paul Begue from North Carolina State Aquaculture program to work on Aquaponic’s and Hydroponics at Organoponico NEEM in Durham. We have researched generation rice and crayfish farming in Louisiana and will bring those techniques to the farm.

FEBRUARY 20th, 2013 – NEEM and Global Exchange Reality Tours form collaboration with NEEMs People to People Exchange (P2P) License and Global X RT Travel Service Provider (TSP) licenses with OFAC for unparalleled Sustainable Brigades.

FEBRUARY 3rd, 2013 – Units of Basic Production Cooperative (UBPC) is based on the Cuban cooperative model married with the French Appellation de Controlee’ (origin). The cooperative is run by farmer/producer/processor members under Non GMO and Sustainable production and processing. The California Organic Standards Act of 1990 is the guideline. There is no certification. The individual coops created will remain autonomous and the UBPC designation will tell you it is sustainable production with origin identified and GMO free. The cooperative will have representation at regional, State and federal level.

JANUARY 3 and 11th, 2013 Two NEEM People to People Exchange Brigades or, 14 days with Dr. Fernando Funes. Two outstanding delegations and some of the most intense itineraries we were proud to put together with ACTAF in Cuba and Cuba Travel Services, the Travel Service Provider (TSP).

NOVEMBER 2012: NEEM delegation of 35 travels to International Permaculture Convergence 11 Cuba (IPC 11) with host NGO the FANJ 450 descend on Cuba for this Permaculture event. It was transformational and amazing.

NOVEMBER 8th – NEEM as Stakeholder with Durham Housing Authority on McDougald Terrace project. NEEM is a sustainer and neighbor with focus on the community and its wants and needs.

OCTOBER 15th – CARE award received – NEEM is honored to receive this community award that will allow us to secure Organoponico NEEM and m0ve forward on gating and fence for the Greenhouse and field.

OCTOBER 5th – NEEM and Burt’s Bees receive the “KEEP DURHAM BEAUTIFUL” GOLDEN LEAF award for our work throughout Durham since we started culminating in this award for 2012 and our work with our partner Burt’s Bees on building the foundations for 3 Organoponicos. The City looks better and people are getting fed. We think that is Cool!

SEPTEMBER 10th – NEEM receives coveted OFAC Department of Treasury “People to People Exchange” license – for American delegates travel for  to Cuba.

SEPTEMBER 6th – NEEM HAWAII’s – in the usual bottom up approach a base group is established, land identified, top down support coming into place and NEEM Hawaii’s will grow Neem Trees in a Agroecological Silvo-Pastoral Diversified Agroforestry and Specialty Crops project.
JULY 9th, 2012 – NEEM Adds 3.4 acres for total 14.6 land will leverage the Urban Agroecological Research Center – NC School of the Arts for Agriculture
MAY 19th – International Conference on Sustainable and Organic Agriculture, Havana 2012 – NEEM presents
MAY 4th: UBPC Organoponico NEEM – a farm christening at SE Durham 11.2 acre site.

FEBRARY 25th – MARCH 10th: NEEM Brigade to Cuba with Dr. Fernando Funes.

JANUARY 15th: NEEM clears 1.5 acres for Bennett Field and cuts the Funes AgrEco Trail (a linear field)

JANUARY 2nd: NEEM announces Bennett Field in honor of Dr. Hugh Bennett for his work in Soil Conservation Services department he formed during the dust bowl and;Funes AgroEco trail in honor of Dr. Fernando Funes for his work in Cuba in Agroecological approaches to the sustainable farm. The trail was supported by our partners at Conservation Fund, Kodak & National Geographic Society.

JANUARY 15, 2012 – NEEM awarded grant (unspecified) from Philanthropy for well at Organoponico NEEM at Wabash and McDougald Terrace. – off the grid some more

NOVEMBER 2011: NEEM has left the historic Rolls property– Moving is not easy but we had no choice. Trust that we sought every possible avenue to stay and remain focused on protection of this important piece of Durhams history. we are proud of what NEEM and its partners did here. We brought attention to a less known historic landmark in Durham, promoted and established 165 raised beds throughout Durham at schools, community gardens, faith based and individuals and two inner city farms. Things became entirely dysfunctional so we made a very difficult decision to move to Organoponico NEEM. The community has been improved, vacant buildings are filled and we are gone along with the Greenhouse but nothing skips a beat. We do not feel bad, we ALL achieved more here than could be hoped at this location.

NOVEMBER 2011: NEEM Awarded KODAK NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CONSERVATION FUND national award for the Funes AgroEco trail (Kodak American Greenway) – 1 of 21 nationally and presented at Geographic Headquarters in Washington.

OCTOBER 2011: Duke Durham Neighborhood Partnership (DDNP) – Duke Award we are grateful for this award allowing us to expand on Organoponico NEEM

OCTOBER 20th, 2011 – Farm Energy Efficiency Project (FEEP) awarded to NEEM for matching Farm Bureau and Tobacco Trust Fund solar heat grant for the greenhouse. This, our well, gravity feed drip line irrigation and nutrients and other systems for Rain Harvesting and the new field stepped on contour combined wiith the trail is Organoponico NEEM – a 100% OFF the GRID inner city FSA/USDA farm

OCTOBER 2011 – Burt’s Bee’s/NEEM win Triangle Business Journal Green Project of the Year award for three “organoponicos” (inner city farms) created in Durham.

MAY 17th, 2011: Burt’s Bees “Culture day”: 450 BBI/Clorox employees build three Organoponicos at three locations in Durham. The combined vision of NEEM, BBI & Dr. Chambers created a first in North Carolina. Those beginnings of an Urban agricultural food security project to meet the needs of the low income communities in Durham have become a reality.

FEBRUARY/MARCH: Farm Services Agency registration (first Urban Farm registration in NC) complete for the farm and NEEM in the EQIP program with NRCS.

JANUARY 25th – FEBRUARY 10th: NEEM Agroecological & Sustainable Agriculture Delegation to Cuba with Dr. Fernando Funes.

JANUARY 8, 2011: NEEM to Manage 16.25 Acres of Urban Land in Durham with 11.2 Farm Services Agency registered acres as FSA farm #2995 as Organoponico NEEM.

A generous benefactor has offered, and NEEM has accepted, a gift of real property in Durham. There are four tracts totaling 16.2 inner-city acres in Northeast Central Durham (NECD) and South East Durham (SED) that are gifts, partnership or where cropping agreements are in place. Two tracts (one 10.2 and one .997+ acre’s) tracts qualifies as a farm, FSA registered and wooded, perfect for an urban agroecological agroforestry & specialty crops project, nursery, French intensive field and research station. The properties are within 6 and 14 blocks from downtown. Land that would otherwise be clear cut for development will remain wooded, become productive and remain an asset to the Durham community. Bennett field will accommodate 40 54-foot east/west-oriented, south-sun raised, sustainable vegetable beds. The Nursery will be year round and there will be indigenous specialty crops planted along the Funes-Kodak AgroEco Trail. All in a challenged community that is a food desert. As an economic development piece we see these as having the potential to create 4 to 6 or possibly more jobs on otherwise disused unproductive property. NEEM will hire from the immediate community once we are at production capacity at these Organoponics or, inner city farms. There is no real measure for the total educational component  and green development potential these properties represent.

We are humbled by this gift. We are forever grateful to the Chambers for their support and belief in NEEM, its vision and its mission as a sustainable urban agricultural non profit. We are grateful for the capacity these properties represent to the community and a greener Durham. It doesn’t get any more local than grown in town.

OCTOBER 15th, 2010: Triangle East Chapter of 100 Black Men,in collaboration with NEEM establish Canal Street Community Garden in the Cleveland-Holloway neighborhood of NE Durham.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2010: NEEM Announces “Planting Day” at WG Pearson Middle School Community Garden Classroom, Durham North Carolina

SEPTEMBER 15th, 2010: Natural Environmental Ecological Management (NEEM) and the PRIDE Alliance Preservation Committee are a public/private partnership promoting sustainable urban agriculture.

SEPTEMBER 17th, 2010: Triangle East Chapter of 100 Black Men, and NEEM announce “Planting day” for the WG Pearson Middle School community garden classroom at 2:30 –4/4:30 on Friday.

Triangle East Chapter of 100 Black Men,in collaboration with NEEM created a garden classroom at WG Pearson Middle School. In addition to the school, Principal, Teachers and parents, the other collaborators were, numerous Durham City Departments, Mayors Summer Youth and Keep Durham Beautiful. Funding from Burt’s Bees will be used for a small composting system. The new school Community Garden classroom will advocatethe use of plant-based learning across the curriculum allowing WG Pearson teachers to incorporate the use of outdoor gardens, natural settings and plant activities in their math, science and environmental classroom lessons. The collaborative goal is to make plant-based learning a part of every WG Pearson student’s education.

NEEM promotes sustainable concepts and creates productive learning centers on unused school property. These school and community gardens are evolutionary steps towards addressing issues of nutrition, obesity, and breaking the fast food chain through the school community environment.

There is nothing more local to a school than sustainable urban agriculture at the school. We congratulate Triangle East Chapter of 100 Black Men for their vision, WG Pearson Middle School and most importantly, the kids.

AUGUST 26, 2010: Durham Collaborative Announces Three Sustainable Community Garden Classrooms at YE SMith, WG Pearson Middle School and Holton Career Center, Durham North Carolina

Natural Environmental Ecological Management (NEEM) and PRIDE Alliance are a public/private collaborative replicating the Cuban Model of sustainable urban agriculture.

NEEM announce two sustainable community garden classrooms at two schools in Northeast Central Durham.

100 Black men Triangle Chapter and NEEM funded by Glaxo SmithKline in collaboration with the school communities, have placed beds for garden classrooms at WG Pearson Middle School and Holton Career Center. The collaborative worked with the schools, Principals, Teachers, parents, Department of Neighborhood Improvement Services, numerous other Durham City Departments and Keep Durham Beautiful. Together we built community with bottom up and top down support. These new school Community Garden classrooms will advocate the use of plant-based learning across the curriculum. Training teachers to incorporate the use of outdoor gardens, natural settings and plant activities in their classroom lessons. Our goal is to help make plant-based learning a part of every child’s education.

NEEM creates food security, addresses obesity and nutrition, educates our children on sustainable concepts and creates learning centers on unused school property. These school and community gardens are evolutionary and embody bringing the community together through dialectic engagement in a cooperative effort that is in the best interest of our children.

There is nothing more local than sustainable urban agriculture, and we congratulate the funders, Holton Career Center and WG Pearson Middle School.  Planting days will be announced soon.

“Every day is Earth day”

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