Beans: Bush and pole beans may be planted towards the end of the month.

Cabbage and cauliflower may now be sown, but the main sowing should be deferred until next month.

Carrots: A sowing should be made.

Celery: Sow and transplant what plants there may be on hand.

Cucumbers: These may be sown now for pickling.

Endive: Transplant and sow.

Grapes should be kept well tied to trellis, and unnecessary growth removed, so that the wood may have the chance of becoming thoroughly ripened. If the cultivator and plow are not used judiciously, a second growth will be started, which is not desirable.

Lettuce: The seed requires to be sprouted before being sown, and if the sowing is done on a dry day the drills should be watered.

Radishes: Sow the summer kinds.

Strawberries: Keep the beds clean of weeds and grass.

Tomatoes: Make a sowing early in the month, or, what is much better, take cuttings from plants still in bearing.

Turnips: Sow a few after a shower towards the end of the month.

Remarks: Much cannot be done this month, as the weather is hot and dry, but the opportunity should not be lost for killing weeds and preparing for the planting season, which is now rapidly drawing near.

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