“we use biological alternatives to inputs that have been effective for centuries and sustainable”

Bull City Biochar 063

Biochar is a highly absorbent, specially-produced engineered charcoal originally used as a soil amendment. Scientists theorize biochar was first used in the Amazon Basin thousands of years ago where extensive regions of dark, highly fertile soil known as Terra Preta were discovered, revealing high concentrations of biochar and organic matter.

Biochar is produced by Pyrolosis cooking wood, plant or other organic material (biomass) with little to no oxygen. Biochar is made under very specific conditions with the intent to be applied to soil as and amendment increasing soil fertility and agricultural yields. Biochar sequesters carbon and filtration properties reverse global warming and climate change. Other market uses of biochar are discovered regularly as universities conduct extensive research into this versatile material and its cation exchange properties. Biochar is thought to be the key component in a carbon-negative strategy to resolve current ecological and energy challenges.  

Neem tree by-products and compost

NEEM distributes neem oil, neem leaf, neem and karanja cakes as well as Karanja oil shipped producer-direct from India. Both of these items have beneficial attributes in systemic Integrated Pest Management (IPM) applications. Neem mixed with compost and its components introduces azadirachtin into your plants and provides systemic protection. Neem is an antibacterial but true to form, neem has little negative effect on good soil bacteria. Neem also helps control nematodes, root born fungus’s, viruses and other soil-borne issues. Our neem oil is expeller pressed. NEEM does not use or promote solvent expressed products. Many commercial products with neem are solvent expressed.


We recommend introduction of neem leaf into our vermi-composting.  Red Wigglers (Eisenia foetida) love neem leaf added to feedstock. Along with all of the dynamic properties of vermiculture; neem based castings contain low level nitrogen and Azadirachtin, the active pesticidal compound belonging to the liminoids found in neem tree by-products.


In the tradition of any organoponico, NEEM creates our own compost on site. We promote composting as part of the self-sustaining farm, a means to reduce waste streams and as a complement to the carbon footprint. As an urban farm we are restricted by inner city statutes as it pertains to large scale  composting. Members of the Composting Council are an excellent reliable source for those not capable of producing their own.


MycorrizaeYou need more than healthy soil; you need biologically rich soil that addresses specific issues and insure a more successful farm.  Mycorrhizae fungi is a large family of fungi that is part of the living soil system.  They attach themselves to root systems, provide barriers formed between roots and the outside environment which greatly aids in preventing disease.  They enhance the root system in the search for nutrients and water. The symbiotic relationship is exchange, plants exude some sugars they make from carbon dioxide and sunlight directly to the mycorrhizae through the roots.

Beneficial Bacteria

Trichoderma is an excellent beneficial produced from bacteria natural to rice hulls. Like Mycorrhizae and Bio char bringing life and support to your soil biology and plants systemically enhancing nutrient retention and root development. Healthy soil is a healthy plant with positive outcomes on fruit phrenology. NEEM amends existing soil. We top row/beds each season, prior to planting with two pounds compost per square yard. This maintains healthy soil biology and  regulates Systemic Pest Management if applied.

NEEM is a not-for-profit activist corporation with methods of operation that have the purpose of affecting public/private sector policies that impact human health, the environment, community and sustainability through promotion and education of effective, naturally occurring biological alternatives.

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