Global Sustainable Infrastructures

NEEM specializes in development of new and improvement of old infrastructures required to support sustainable agriculture. We perform and investigate: Demographics, Feasibility, Socio-economic factors, weather patterns, soil and water conditions, political processes, Groundwater, Aquifers, culture, history, topography and every item that impacts in one way or another the project area.

NEEM looks at existing infrastructure and identifies condition and preventative maintenance of off-site resources that affect on-site capability.

Shiprock Farm - Navajo Nation - Rain Water Harvesting & Sustainable Orchard ManagementNavajo Nation  EARTH  WIND  FIRE  WATER

The Navajo Rain Water Harvesting and Sustainable Orchard management project exemplifies the kind of sustainable infrastructure projects in which NEEM specializes.

NEEM made a recommended list of infrastructure elements required to support the project in a sustainable way. Based on these identified needs, in partnership with the Navajo Nation, NEEM custom designed various programs and methods to implement necessary infrastructure development and improvement.

Key components of the Navajo Rain Water Harvesting and Sustainable Orchard management project include:

  • Rain water harvesting
  • Aquifer management
  • Flow rates and acre feet available
  • Irrigation and micro-drip irrigation
  • Composting and Neem composting
  • Vermi-composting
  • Integrated pest management
  • Reduction or elimination of chemical inputs
  • Sustainable crop management
  • Evapotranspiration rates, chill units, phenology, crop coefficients, photosynthesis, & antithesis
  • Neem as a biological alternative
  • Neem tree inventory and planting
  • Oil extraction (processing)
  • Neem derivative uses
  • Soil amendment & natural applications
  • Agro-forestry
  • Custom facility design
  • Sustainable re-use of existing components
  • “Green” architectural design using LEED Standards harmonious with culture, environment and relevant to topography
  • Landscape Architecture using LEED Standards
  • Water resources and alternatives
  • Indigenous plantings
  • Energy requirements and solar alternatives – photovoltaic & wind
  • Community and stakeholder involvement
  • Bottom up, not top down

Simply put, NEEM can take a project area and identify all sustainable approaches that may be used to bring the project site into a “complete” sustainable and self-sufficient project within and beyond the parameters available.  Expansion on any project is a part of process.  Clients are left with not only the direct issue that was to be addressed but also various alternatives that enable them to understand its full potential.

NEEM has a special ability in Infrastructural Development.

NEEM is able to bring its resources to the table for a final and finished product with long term recommendations.

Consultants working for clients should seek to surpass contractual duties. It is best for the client and insures a term relationship with NEEM so on-going support for sustainable endeavors continues as all things are evolutionary.

Contact NEEM, get the best and most for your sustainable project. NEEM is global. We travel to and undertake projects in the U.S., the African Diaspora, Latin Basin, Orient and Pacific Rim, Europe, the Middle East and all points in between.


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