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NEEM is an agroecological urban farm promoting sustainable urban production from our 11.2 acre FSA USDA Organoponico located in Durham, NC. The community we serve relate better to purchase of what they want so production is sold to the community coop run by the community from the farm and sold into the community by EBT or Credit/debit card at or below conventional pricing. Our neighbors cannot afford paying ahead and not interested in being provided what we think they want. We accept donations to offset cost to sell low and to help those who simply can’t afford to buy so food grown through donations goes into the immediate community.

“Seed to Plate”™ A Wandering Feast®

“People will respect you if you sell low and expect from you if you give” President Jimmy Carter? This equity piece is the foundation for HABITAT and integrated into NEEM. Your donation helps the farmer, the community and provides cash flow to maximize potential for the store and community members who run it. It is the communities store and a true cooperative. This allows the farmer to concentrate on good land stewardship and growing high quality food for the community store at the loss but socioeconomic benefit to the community.

The Communities Cooperative: 2016 – A Coop meeting the needs of the community in the community run by the community
Produce will be sold at conventional or below conventional product pricing to those socioeconomically excluded from organic fresh produce. Crops are planted on the farm throughout the seasons year round. NEEM will sustainably produce varieties of high quality vegetables, herbs, and fruits that are handpicked and processed for resale every week at the Coop. Additional supply of desired (but not produced on the farm) goods will be available. We realize the supply chain must remain diverse to succeed. Supply must not be codependent on the farm alone. A buying club at the Community Center at McDougald Terrace will be created for other items the farm does not produce the community may want sold from the store increasing residual incomes and expanding on supply and service.

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Where Does Donations and profit Go?
Funds from membership, donations, sales and contributions go to run the store at the community center and creation of a fund to build the store on land we will provide once financial and business goals are met and expansion possible. Small steps are good. The Coop will belong to the community. Financial resources also support employees, those in need, NEEM and its programs & projects for Durham in those areas where help is needed most. Your gift is to community and promotes: fresh organic food in food deserts, good nutrition, sustainable urban farming, job creation, sustainable economic development and addresses obesity and early onset diabetes.

International, National, Regional and Local Awards: National Geographic Society, Kodak American Green-ways, Golden Leaf, Keep Durham Beautiful, Society Culinaire philanthropic, Conservation Fund, Tobacco Trust and FEEP (USDA) 

Projects funded by NEEM – Glen, WG Pearson, Fayetteville Public schools, 12 Summer of Service gardens: 12 community garden tools, 1500 starter plants, compost & supplies; all in SE Durham. The Kenyan Village project with Duke and International interns, Navajo Nation Rain Water Harvesting and Orchard project. NEEM accomplishments are an MOU with Durham Housing Authority and NEEM Team work at Organoponicos NEEM for McDougald Terrace. We are excited about the seasons, research delegations to Cuba and our partners here in the U.S. and Internationally. The founder also was invited as presenter to the IX and X International Conference on Sustainable and Organic Agriculture, a member of LASA, LAWG, WOLA & organizations to numerous to mention but all effecting positive sustainable community. Additional funded projects include clearing “Bennett field” (ecologically on contour and stepped), Gravity feed irrigation, Funes Agroeco trail, Burt’s Bees planting day, the coveted People to People Exchange 2011/2012 license from OFAC Department of Treasury, our MOU with ACTAF in Cuba, placement of the rice paddies and aquaculture project at Organoponico NEEM and our recent partnership in Bolivia as signatory and co-creator of Eco Pueblos (a multinational cooperative). We appreciate here the support of the Bolivian Senate who with the Mayor of Sacaba have the vision of “Sustainable Community Development” and acted instead of talked. A project we will replicate with our partners in Samoa that’s foundation is neem tree by product and diversified Agro forestry production project for Samoa. Our first to scale neem production project where the best quality and highest yield neem is from.

These are extraordinary times for NEEM and our partners. None of which could be achieved without your support to community.

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Contact: neem at mindspring dot com

WHAT IS NEEM’s responsibility:
• To do our best to provide sustainable, fresh, handled with care produce grown locally.
• To build the nutritional value of our soil in a sustainable and agro ecological way.
• To connect and educate the consumer about their food, seasons and our food systems.
• To provide an alternative & support urban agriculture through sales of locally produced foods direct to community.

What is the Contributor’s responsibility:
• Support the farm by contributing up front for seasonal production, which helps with NEEMs expenses.