NEEM periodically accepts interns. Here is the announcement for Fall/Winter 2013/14 internship applications:

Location: Durham, North Carolina AND Kenya, Hawaii & Cuba

(International internships must be planned in advance. Cuba has limitations)

Natural Environmental Ecological Management (NEEM), a sustainable urban agriculture organization replicating the Cuban model in Durham, NC, seeks interns to work closely with the Executive Director at Organoponico NEEM. As an organization NEEM serves as a center of urban agriculture with the infrastructure required to support year-round food production at our 14.6 acre FSA/USDA inner city farm. NEEM has projects established in individual, school, park and disused properties in Durham. Last year we placed 5 school, 7 community and 30 individual raised bed gardens (9000+ sq ft positively affecting 20 + urban acres) in Durham. These urban farms provide food security, address obesity, early on-set diabetes, nutrition, break the fast food chain and provide capacity while promoting self-reliance. NEEM has placed volunteers/interns in Cuba, Kenya and working on the Navajo Reservation. We will add the NEEM Hawaii’s as an additional alternative. These are part of NEEMs mission in development of sustainable community with the farm as the fulcrum and agriculture as an honorable alternative profession. We utilize state of the art software for engineered projects and for data maintenance in effective sustainable farm management.

With the help of volunteers and our partners, NEEM has obtained 14.6 acres with 11.2 contiguous that is Organoponico NEEM with nursery, gravity feed drip line irrigation, solar heat, well and Bennett Field which is stepped on contour down to the Rice Paddy’s (coming soon) and Funes Agroecological trail. NEEMs focus is the socioeconomically excluded in Durhams most challenging neighborhoods; that is all we have ever done. Grow organic or sustainably produced foods for disadvantaged in the immediate neighborhood. NEEM operates a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program from the farm. Off site projects are the communities once started. NEEM leads NEEM Brigades to Cuba, assist community in establishing urban farms and host’s urban farm related workshops. NEEM is a cooperative farm and living laboratory you would like to be a part of.

NEEM is dedicated to providing its intern(s) with a unique educational cutting edge experience in the areas of organic urban agriculture and sustainable community development utilizing new and old techniques. This is a significant opportunity to learn about the operation and management of an urban farm and nursery facility that grows soil and uses biological alternatives to chemical inputs. The intern(s) will learn the basics of developing and running a CSA program, have opportunities in foreign exchange, as well as non-profit administrative skills. Interns learn that a farm can be completely off the grid. For intern(s) with interest and experience, the responsibilities for this position may be expanded. This is our get connected by being dis-connected philosophy that works.


The responsibilities of the fall intern may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide Executive Director with day-to-day operational support
  • Assist in basic nursery & farm  tasks
  • Manage the Community Supported Agriculture program (grow, harvest, package, and oversee pick-up of produce for CSA members)
  • Work on diversified agroforestry and specialty crop project on our linear field – Funes trail
  • Assist with farm, nursery and food-related educational workshops
  • Experience multiple systems from hydroponic to organoponic, solar, gravity feed, Agroecology, wetlands, forest and specialty crops cuiltivation
  • Assist with building Organoponicos in the Durham community while expanding on the farm.


  • A demonstrated interest in Agroecology and sustainable urban agriculture/farming
  • Highly motivated individual capable of working independently without supervision
  • Reliable, trustworthy, and committed to working at least 20 hours/week
  • Capable of exploring funding resources and pursuing them
  • Responsible at keeping transaction records & handling money
  • Comfortable working in low-moderate income neighborhoods
  • Flexible schedule
  • Must be at least 18 years of age (fluent Spanish not required but a benefit)
  • Some basic knowledge and experience in agriculture, horticulture or nursery preferred but not required

Time Commitment

Part time temporary positions in 2014. Exact start and end dates are flexible. Should be able to work at least 20 hours per week. Must have a flexible schedule with some weekend work is necessary.


Benefits include training in urban farm operations and a free membership to the CSA (a $285 value). NEEM pays interns a stipend against work performed when funding is available. This is fund dependant. We are performance based. To date interns have helped find resources that allowed for a higher payment.  Sell shares, get involved, develop funding outlets and get paid. A cooperative living space may be available but not guaranteed. Other residual income outlets exist. Our interns have gone on to excellent positions offered as a result of work in this field.

To Apply Please send a resume, a cover letter, and three references (names and contact information) to and mail to: NEEM, attn. Jeffrey Ensminger, 614 Shepherd Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701. E-mail is preferred (Please send everything as one document). Review of applications will begin in February.

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