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We have been involved in Sustainable Agriculture a very long time. We don’t just understand the concept of seed saving and cultivars, we developed them. In 1997, NEEM’s Founder and his partner, Robert Brandt Maehr, a horticulturist and Duke University graduate, through seed selection at our test garden in Bahama, North Carolina, developed a new cultivar, the Bahama Chocolate Habanero. Once the strain was isolated we filed plant variety protection for it. We contract grew this product with our good friends at Wiley Farms in San Joaquin Valley, California, shipped them to San Jose, hickory smoked and ground them at Ralph’s Smoke House then shipped the finished product to Gilroy for processing before shipment to North Carolina.

Why did a group that is such an ardent supporter of “local farms” do all of this in California? We had no local choice. Organic supply lines had not yet come to fruition & sustainable agricultural operations in North Carolina insignificant for production at that time. Things changed, and we are proud to been a part of it.

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Organic Standards & the Cuban model

We were involved with the National Organic Standards Board during development of the USDA Organic Seal and remain a long-term member of the Organic Trade Association (OTA). Bahama had Oregon Tilth organic certification, UK 4 Soil Association certification and worked under the guidelines of IFOAM and the California Organic Standards Act of 1990. The Founder met in the mid nineties with Gustavo Machin, First Secretary at the Cuban Interest Section in Washington, to discuss infrastructures required to support sustainable agriculture. Many of the ideas discussed in those meetings (farm waste audits, composting and neem tea sprayed on livestock among them) are realities today in the Cuban system. When we traveled to Cuba as a guest during PABEXPO and the U.S. Cuba Agricultural Exposition in 2002 we went with a gift of 2000 Bahama Chocolate Habanero seeds presented to the Director of the Ministry of Science and Technology. NEEM founder was also presented with a Cuban Engineer’s certificate in sustainable agriculture from the Minister of Agriculture.

NEEM is into sustainable production from a trusted source and operate in accordance with the California Organic Standards Act of 1990 .

Seeds, Seed Variety/Brand Seed Source

These are our seed sources and ones we recommend. Remember, even some of the most reputable also carry GMO seed. We know which ones have this tendency and require certificates of proof from them.

Starter Plants

NEEM starter Plants are sustainably produced.

“When a process is sustainable, it can be repeated, over and over again”

NEEM is a not-for-profit activist corporation with methods of operation that have the purpose of affecting public/private sector policies that impact human health, the environment, community and sustainability through promotion and education of effective, naturally occurring biological alternatives.

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