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NEEM is an environmental “not for profit” organization leading exchange delegations to Cuba. NEEM brigades engage with ordinary Cuban’s and founders of the sustainable movement in Cuba! Roll with the Pros, It is a Round Trip to Cuba & one way to go; with NEEM!

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NEEM as an organization uses Agroecological (ecologic) techniques in sustainable agriculture and community development. Formed in 1974 as an environmental group in Mystic, CT, we became NEEM as an activist organization in 1996 and formally in 2009. We operate NEEM projects, foreign exchange programs and our 14 acre Organoponicos in and from Durham, North Carolina. NEEM replicates the Cuban model. We take Agroecological approaches to “Food Security” and sustainable community. Both should be harmonious with their natural surroundings. True to our roots we promote Urban sustainable agriculture ss an honorable profession and a viable alternative to sustainable economies (jobs) and the inextricable link to health, nutrition, a healthy environment, ecological farming and the cooperative model; all as fulcrums to sustainable community.

Neem is also a tree that inspired NEEM as an organization. Neem, the tree of a thousand and one uses, the village pharmacy; a natural solution to global problems. Neem – a yearly harvest able and reliable alternative with no adverse affects to the planet, body or mind. The cultivar that reminds you that there are biological alternatives to chemical inputs. Neem is a statement. It tells us that we can become self-sufficient by relying on existing natural resources that benefit the planet and ensure food safety.

The existence of neem says to us that new technology is dangerous (GMO) and a threat to the food chain. Neem says no to Monsanto and groups that support disruption of nature and people through introduction of systems that biologically did not exist and designed to profit off of people rather than people profit from the earth. Neem is a natural alternative and a bold statement in these regards.

NEEM seeks to effect positive change by introduction to the agricultural and general communities of the numerous uses of “Neem Tree” products and by-products in proven and new applications under agroecological concepts.

We will promote neem as a natural alternative in agriculture, fertilization, nitro-genification, animal husbandry, pest control, human health, medical,  and home-health care. Neem is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and an organic bio-pesticide (EPA & USDA approved).

We will promote neem use in Urban (Organoponicos) and rural farm Systems replicating the Cuban model and provide FOOD SECURITY in an urban “seed-to-plate” economic development and educational program that promotes urban sustainable agriculture and infrastructure required to support it.

We will use neem as a fulcrum to consult communities on sustainable development and provide sustainable infrastructures through community involvement in an Agroecological way.

Click here to learn more about the neem tree and its uses.

A gift to NEEM is a gift to your community.

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Natural Environmental Ecological is a start up 501(c)3 (pending) non-profit corporation with methods of operation that have the purpose of affecting public/private sector policies that impact human health, the environment, and community through promotion of urban farming, education in sustainable and Agroecological concepts with effective,  biological alternatives to chemical inputs and the farm as the fulcrum to sustainable community development.

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