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NEEM is a “not for profit” leading Agroecology & Consulting delegations to Cuba with founders of the sustainable movement farmer to farmer & placing sellers with buyers & brokerage. AG COOPs know your customer! It’s a Round Trip to Cuba & one way to go; with NEEM!

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“I saw a country which by necessity, is leading the world in sustainable agriculture in reducing off farm inputs of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers and maximizing the use of forages. Soon after the year 2000, I predict that more and more countries will follow the lead of Cuba in sustainable agriculture. We can learn from each other.”
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Organoponico NEEM

Neem is a tree. ”NEEM as an organization uses Agroecological techniques in sustainable agriculture and community development. Environmental activism roots began in 1974 in Mystic, CT  with formation of the Citation Society and the historic meeting that year with Pete Seegar to save Greenpeace; a historic one week effort. We became Natural Environmental Ecological Management (NEEM) as an activist organization in 1996, and formally in 2009; with a reorganization as the legacy organization, NEEM in 2014. We operate NEEM projects, foreign exchange programs, place agricultural sellers with Cuban buyers (and brokerage) from our our 11.2 acre FSA USDA sustainable urban farm Organoponico NEEM in Durham, North Carolina. NEEM replicates the Cuban model. We take Agroecological approaches to “Sustainable Food Security” and self reliant community. Both should be harmonious with their natural surroundings. True to our roots we promote Urban sustainable agriculture as an honorable profession and a viable alternative to sustainable economies (jobs) and the inextricable link to health, nutrition, a healthy environment, ecological farming and the cooperative model; all as fulcrums to sustainable community. We sustainably produce for those socioeconomically excluded from organic. We support various market systems that help farms, but our client is the low income community where we are located.

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Funes Agro-Eco Trail

The neem tree inspired NEEM as an organization. Neem, the tree of a thousand and one uses, the village pharmacy; a natural solution to global problems. Neem – a yearly harvest able and reliable alternative with no adverse affects to the planet, body or mind. The cultivar that reminds you that there are biological alternatives to chemical inputs. Neem is a statement. It tells us that we can become self-sufficient by relying on existing natural resources that benefit the planet and ensure food safety.

NEEM seeks to effect positive change, promote the numerous uses of “Neem Tree” by-products, and the philosophy of Agroecology as catalyst to understanding natural methods in the urban and rural environment; all are fulcrums to sustainable community development. The existence of neem says to us that new technology is dangerous (GMO) and a threat to the food chain. Neem says no to Monsanto and groups that support disruption of nature and people through introduction of unnatural systems designed to profit off of people rather than people profit from the earth.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Jeffrey A. Ensminger, Founder                                                                                                                                    NEEM and the Soledad Preservation Foundation
for Agroecological and tropical environmental study

“Neem, The tree of a 1001 uses, the village pharmacy, a biological alternative and an answer to global issues with a positive effect on health and the environment.”

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NEEM is a start up 501(c)3 (pending) non-profit corporation with methods of operation that have the purpose of affecting public/private sector policies that impact human health, the environment, and community through promotion of urban farming, education in sustainable and Agroecological concepts with effective,  biological alternatives to chemical inputs and the farm as the fulcrum to sustainable community development.

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